ZOTAC is a powerful graphics card GeForce GTX TITAN Z

ZOTAC is a powerful graphics card GeForce GTX TITAN Z


    Company ZOTAC, specializing in the manufacture of graphics cards, motherboards and mini-PCs, has introduced the world’s most powerful graphics card for gaming and professional applications – ZOTAC GeForce GTX TITAN Z.

    GeForce GTX TITAN Z

    device has two flagship GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX and demonstrates a high level of performance, ensuring maximum image quality in modern games and the most demanding graphics applications, even at a resolution of 4K.

    Each of the two mounted on the board GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX includes 2880 core, giving a total of 5760 computational units. Impressive 12 GB of internal memory adapter divided into two pools, so each GPU has access to 6 GB of memory.

    There is ample scope for both games in 4K resolution, and to perform the most complex computational problems.

    Video support JavaScript NVIDIA Surround, which allows it to connect up to three monitors for a total immersion in the atmosphere of the game. And users will be able to use one display technology NVIDIA G-SYNC, which provides incredible smoothness and clarity.

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