ZOTAC reveals compact GeForce GTX 970 (CES 2015)

ZOTAC reveals compact GeForce GTX 970 (CES 2015)


    Zotak compact GeForce GTX 970 CES 2015 ZOTAC has announced its version of a compact GeForce GTX 970 with a short base and a single fan in the cooling system following the modern trend of compact but powerful graphics accelerators; the occurrence of which contributed to a large extent the appearance of the NVIDIA GM204 chip. ZOTAC GTX 970 Single Fan has a length of 172 mm, so it fits perfectly in almost any body except for those that are designed for the installation of single height cards. Unfortunately, to create a “floor” version of the GeForce GTX 970 with air cooling is not yet possible to anybody, and hardly possible at all.

    The compact GeForce GTX 970 is powered by a single six-pin connector, thus avoiding the clutter of cables in a compact system’s case. Unfortunately, for some reason, ZOTAC is silent about the price and timing of the first deliveries of GTX 970 Single Fan, but taking into account the positive experience of GIGABYTE, who released a similar model last year, we can expect the cost to be around $340 or less.

    Massive performance in modern games at such a modest size. This compact GeForce GTX 970 is perfect owners of such compact housing as SilverStone LC17. In addition to the compact GeForce GTX 970, ZOTAC prepared and presented a monster named GeForce GTX 970 AMP! Extreme Core Edition, based on acceleration.

    The cooling system in this model has a highly developed heat sink and just three fans. Initially, the GPU frequency in this new product will be 1228/1380 MHz, which is quite significantly outperforming the benchmark 1050/1178 MHz. Memory is overclocked to 7.2 GHz equivalent frequency (1800 MHz × 4).

    This version of the card requires the eight PCIe 2.0 connectors with load capacity of 150 watts each. The cost of an extreme version of GeForce GTX 970 ZOTAC version will be in the range of $380 – $390, which is quite acceptable, seeing how well overclocked this card is and easily reaches the level of performance of the much more expensive GeForce GTX 980, worth more than $500.

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