Xiaomi now decided to stir up the market of home automation

Xiaomi now decided to stir up the market of home automation



    Chinese company Xiaomi, which this year has made such a noise in the smartphone market, has decided to put his eye to the market of “smart homes.” The company has launched several devices for home automation, which are currently in beta testing.

    All four devices are similar to existing products on the market. This “smart” light bulb with several options for light, “smart” socket, which can be programmed on a timer controlled remotely, and has a USB interface for charging gadgets.

    Wide web camera that can capture HD-video and monitored remotely. This, incidentally, is rather a niche product. Finally, Smart Remote Centre, device type All-in-One, which is intended to control your TV, stereo, air conditioning, etc.

    Although Xiaomi has not released detailed information, likely all of these devices will be controlled by the application on the smartphone, as is done in the system for “smart home”, say, Samsung.

    As long as it is not clear when these products will be available and which countries will be sold. In addition, probably on the four devices Xiaomi will not stop and we can only wait until the company decides to share the information.

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