Xiaomi debuted on the market of security cameras

Xiaomi debuted on the market of security cameras


    Earlier this month, the company announced the lineup Xiaomi devices ” smart ” Housing. Now, the first of them – security camera Ants – went on sale.

    Externally, the new almost identical Dropcam, but it is not surprising – Xiaomi loves borrowing.

    Specifications Ants meet modern standards, the gadget is equipped with a camera with 720p format and a viewing angle of 111 degrees, in the presence of a microphone, a speaker and a motion sensor. For data storage provided card slot microSD.


    Functional Ants in the standard: when motion is detected, the gadget starts to shoot and sends a notice to the owner. If desired, you can connect to the new product through the Internet and use it for two-way communication, or for inspection of holdings.

    Currently Xiaomi Ants sold only in China. Price novelty extremely attractive: the official website gadget is offered for only 149 yuan, which is slightly more than $ 20. In short, expect to see cameras in Europe.

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