Wireless speaker Om One can levitate

Wireless speaker Om One can levitate


    Portable Bluetooth-speakers – something very useful, but they are no longer unusual. However, Speaker Om One – a very pleasant exception to the rule. Not only that, this portable speaker does not use wires, so also its speaker floating in the air.

    In order to accomplish this “Focus”, developer had to use a system of spherical speakers and the base station. In the center of the base station has a powerful neodymium magnet that interacts with the magnets used in spherical column. Diametrically opposing forces confront each other and the ball floating in the air.

    The column has a capacity of only 3 watts promised volume of 110 dB. The battery life on a single charge the lithium-ion battery with up to 15 hours. Levitation need another to connect the base station to a power outlet. Sales unusual speaker Om One will begin this year, and the cost will be $ 179.

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