Wind up the heat on the fan: cheap options for home

Wind up the heat on the fan: cheap options for home


    Split systems, which were discussed in our previous publication – it is certainly good, but not everyone can spend tens of thousands of rubles the purchase and installation of these bulky units, and in some cases, such as a rented apartment or bans architects of such air conditioners should not even dream of.

    Output, as always, there are: a compact desktop, universal floor fans and even fans of the column-and air conditioning-in-one – just talk about these alternatives today.

    Desktop fans

    The most popular means of cooling, before and after – this fan. Propeller on a stand is a permanent attribute of most Soviet apartments, offices, buses, cars, and more.

    Vitek traditional fan on the stand: the protective cover and three speeds

    Desktop fans, tells KO, designed to fit on your desktop, or on a windowsill. Small fan blades such as power – when compared with other types of such devices. These fans are designed to create a comfort zone on the strength of one man, but their main advantage is the compactness and the possibility of rapid changes in the other place. There is even a super-compact models powered by USB.

    Настольный вентилятор Orient уже не на подставке, а на раме

    Table Orient fan is not on a stand, and on the frame

    Most desktop fans allow you to adjust the air force being distilled keys or the rotary knob. And almost all of them are equipped with protective netting which completely covers the screw on all sides. Although, of course, you can find simple models without the safety net at all.

    Table fan Timberk without protective mesh on still stylish

    From the performance of desktop models are the most important power and noise. Recommended to take a fan with a noise level above 30 dB, although some models “allowable” noise level can reach 38 dB, ie, during operation the unit will be happy to “ride” on your ears.

    Better listen to the chosen model before purchasing: manufacturers often indicate in their passports only lower noise limit which is valid for the slowest fan operation.

    Bladeless fans

    Fans are altogether without blades. Bladeless fan from Dyson, for example, the futuristic look, perfectly safe, but are decent. Initially difficult to understand the origin of the air: the impression that nowhere.

    That room’s table, here’s a plastic ring – and out of nowhere on the other side of the ring is a stream of air.

    Dyson bladeless fans on a telescopic stand

    It’s really quite simple. Stand from Dyson Air Mulipliyer draws air and distributes it along the perimeter of the ring, creating a zone of low pressure air to the ring by tightening.

    Air comes under strong pressure from the gap around the perimeter of the ring, so thin that at first glance it is not visible.

    Works such a fan of the price under $450 almost silently. By the way, this technology allows you to create not only round fans, but also in the form of other closed forms – for example, a curved oval.

    One form of bladeless fans

    Why Dyson? Because James Dyson first brought to market such a structure. Different clones often appear modest, they are released SUPRA, Clever Clean, Flextron, Orion, VES, Roward, Kitfort and others.

    Floor fans

    Advances in this area have stepped far beyond the traditional “big screw on the tripod with a stick.”

    Floor Fan Kreolz – one of many that appear in the old

    Floor fans are much larger desktop and also much more productive. They feature (even anonymous Chinese) sufficiently powerful motor, and the blades are usually 1.5-3 times higher than that of a desktop.

    Such fans can operate in horizontal and vertical mode (if we talk about modern models), and moreover, the location floor model can be adjusted in height due to telescopic “leg.”

    You can also adjust the angle, directing air flow in the desired direction, and speed.

    By type blades floor fans are divided into axial and radial: in the first case, the impeller rotates in only one plane and radial fans have a rotor with curved blades that allows you to get the flow of air under pressure.

    Stylish floor fan Bork

    Both desktop and floor models are among the technical characteristics of the power in the first place – which allows us to understand whether there is enough air force being distilled off at the entire premises.

    And if in the case of table fans, who, for the most part, are the products for personal use, this option is not the most important, the floor models are usually blown the whole room, and that the volume of the room must be selected fan with appropriate capacity.

    Calculate it is simple: you need to double the volume of the room and divide by the number of people in the room. The results obtained assign units m3 / h and look at similar characteristic in the passport of the desired model.

    But, despite all the “screw on a stick”, of course, is cheap compared with columned fans. They produce a variety of Rolsen, Polaris, Vitek, Scarlett, Bork, Supra, Mystery, Saturn, Stadler Form and dozens of other brands and not quite brands.

    Price range for models of floor type is very wide, from $50 to much more, almost nameless box on the shelf chain store with mediocre design and totally unpredictable life, to brand artworks in chrome, LED, with remote control, which, however, also unpredictable can not work out more than one season.

    Column fans and other air options distillation

    These devices represent a relatively new type of fan sound, the principle of which consists in that the motor is operating at high speed (about one hundred thousand revolutions per minute), pulls ambient air through the narrow outside gap, and then ejects it at a speed of 90 km / h. Engine speed usually varies smoothly through the built-in resistors.

    Model of Bork

    In addition to custom design, it is necessary to mention that instead of the usual carbon brushes in these motors are highly resourceful use brushes made of magnetic alloy: It prevents the formation of harmful coal dust.

    Columns Mystery fan also looks good

    While such ultramodern devices are not very common, but all the time. More popular wall-mounted fans, which usually hang in the closet, combining small-sized box with a chimney ventilation shaft. This type of exhaust fans.

    Another type of fans can just cool the air, but do not participate in the supply and exhaust air circulation. They can be found in movies and in inexpensive hotels in Southern Europe: the ceiling fan weighs usually combined with a chandelier, and looks like a screw without any protection, which rotates lazily from the ceiling, and repel flies and chasing dust. In general, a separate subheading they do not deserve.

    Dospel exhaust fan suitable for bathroom and toilet

    Modern freaks

    Fans today, both desktop and floor, have not only the buttons on the body. Contemporary models are often equipped with remote controls that allow to change the flow rate from any corner of the room.

    A modern fan can operate in automatic mode, if it has a timer: You can set the desired time interval, after which the unit will shut down itself.

    Fan fumigated Globus

    Other bells and whistles include built fumigators for protection against insects or ionizers to purify the air; the latter, by the way, is already equipped with all that is possible: we recently wrote about humidifiers and air purifiers, which are also supplied with massively built.

    Stand fan with Scarlett featured remote control

    From quite unnecessary bells and whistles can be called LCD display and built-in electronic thermometer, whose testimony is not to say were very accurate, especially during the period when the fan.

    Another not very fit bloat can be called “wind regime”: that is, when the fan blows room is not easy flow of wind and “gusts”, mimicking a normal wind.

    Columns fan and split system in one package

    On the market today there are very original solutions to cool the rooms, sometimes combining the most unexpected technology. As an example, the new Samsung Q9000, which looks at home ultra gadget, and operates as a home with outdoor air conditioning, almost split system.

    Columns conditioner from Samsung

    Its working principle is not much different from a regular column fan: three fans, they are located on a pedestal, like a floor speaker, and rotate, ensuring the flow of air.

    Naturally, all of this is controlled from a single fan quiet operation at reduced speed (at night, for example) to work all three at maximum speed.

    Even the blades have Q9000 “aerodynamic shape”, not counting the inverter compressor and filter, similar to the electrostatic, which we described earlier.

    And again he

    The ideal image spoils the presence of the outdoor unit that connects to the corresponding tube tower – because for all the strangeness of the indoor unit (under the column mimicry fan) – an ordinary split system with filters. Although unconventional kind.


    Monoblocks we briefly touched on in the previous article about the split system, and today let’s talk about them in more detail. Air Conditioning-in-One is an integrated unit in a single package, often mobile (on wheels), which placed all the structural elements.

    Hot air coming out of the candy bar, displayed outside socket rather large diameter of 10-15 cm It is usually put up the door or the window.

    Fully sealed such a system is difficult enough to do it is not always possible, and in this case part of the hot air will inevitably come back, the effectiveness of such a device would be far from ideal.

    Air-piece with fixed tube heat sink

    Similar conditioners, as well as a split system can filter the air to heat and cool it, dehumidify or humidify (on some models there are special water tanks). There are models with remote control and various augmentations.

    Calculated monoblocks usually less floor space than split systems: theoretical maximum is 40 m2. And the cost varies depending on the capacity of the served space, and in the range of $300 – $1500.

    Hankei Chinese mobile air conditioning with remote control is very similar to “adult”.

    In modern monoblock systems with relative mobility. From this perspective, they are comfortable enough budget and easy to install – and that’s where the advantages end.

    Similar conditioners today have more disadvantages than advantages: window overlap few people want.

    On the other hand, the current window monoblocks can be integrated directly into the wall. However, in this case, it should not be thicker than 30 cm, and it would have done a huge hole by getting a permit in the relevant bodies.

    Window Air Conditioner Jax

    In short, all this rather archaic approach to testify, even though they are not to say that expensive, especially when compared with more modern counterparts.

    Prices start at a few models from $120. Produce such models different brands. Window air conditioners offer General Climate, TCL, Daewoo, Hisense, Timberk, Chigo, Gree, and GoldStar (this is not the one that ex-LG). Monoblocks room produce Electrolux, Ballu, General Climate, Zanussi, Dantex and Carrier.


    Of course, there are still quite exotic and cooling apparatus, such as pillows with their own cooling recovering crystals, or a shirt with a fan – but rather, it is a single product for the amateur exotics.

    We hope that today’s article will help you to some extent, with the choice to navigate and avoid negative grueling summer heat. Cheers!

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