What keyboard receive Apple laptops next generation?

What keyboard receive Apple laptops next generation?


    Apple Laptops next generation get a keyboard with touch-sensitive buttons, screens, writes gadget news blog

    As planned by specialists Apple, each of the buttons on MacBook laptops will be equipped with a miniature display, the image which can vary depending on the operating mode. Patent and Trademark United States published a new application Apple, which describes a computer keyboard with buttons screens.

    As part of the patent “Multifunction keyboard assembly variants” engineers propose to use a keyboard unit LCD technology. Each button will be built miniature screen image which can vary depending on the mode of operation.

    For example, in a text editor that can be images of letters and numbers in the program to work with graphics – icons operations. Keys may also be programmed to run specific programs, for example, iPhoto, Safari and others. The idea itself is the key equipment of mini-displays is not new input devices offers, in particular, “Lebedev Studio”.

    The advantage is the ability to implement Apple keyboard perceive tactile touch – the buttons are touch-sensitive and can respond to gestures “swipe”, “pinch” and others. At the same time, as noted, the keys get a glass cover, making them more durable than plastic counterparts. On the timing of the appearance of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with touch-sensitive keys, displays nothing is known.

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