What happened to 21.12.2016?

What happened to 21.12.2016?


    the company Crytek violating; close five studios in different parts of the planet Earth. Assassin’s Creed movie, unfortunately, has not lived up to expectations; critics mostly negatively evaluate a new picture on the popular game franchise. And here’s what AirPods are not afraid of the water, the news is definitely good.

    in India can start collecting iPhone. In China, meanwhile, observed a white Xiaomi Mi Mix. And in South Korea, Samsung has no plans to “deal finally” with Galaxy Note 7. New content in Super Mario will not be Run. Alas. Mark Zuckerberg has become like Tony Stark and made their own Jarvis. 

    Asus ZenFone Go has already started to sell in Russia. Apple prepares three eighth version of the iPhone. And the top is called Ferrari. Read nadosuge. Need a cheap and slim smartphone? Take Razard Exaggeration. Hangover costume for drivers from Ford avtomobilistjam can be useful for Russia.

    Xiaomi Mi S can become a sales hit. Webcams scare runetchikov, they stick with their Scotch. And you? The following LG K10 will be released under the name of K20, and Plus. In Samsung Galaxy S8 will be some cool Beast mode Mode.

    and here is the kind of news we wrote December 21, 2016. Good day you Thursday.

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