What happened to 20.12.2016?

What happened to 20.12.2016?


    apparently, in the future we will have a lot of variety of phones and Nokia smartphones; Today the Web has information about Nokia device Z2 Plus. The Chinese also has trendy and pricey smartphone; original Vertu replacement from the Middle Kingdom. 

    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 continues to be popular, despite the program reviews and a massive campaign of damning apdejtam. You can find information about the Switch, and Nintendo Super Mario Run skachalo for more than 37 000 000 people. The smallest population in the country, among other things.

    was presented the world’s first odnoslotovaja video card. We learned about the price of Meizu Pro Plus 6 in Russia, readers expressed a genuine interest in news. ZUK Edge finally submitted officially. Details also appeared on Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge. At Mail.Ru appeared its loyalty program. 

    improved Apple new MacBook Pro battery. We told you about gadgets designed to help keep warm in the Office. Prisma is no longer holding back square. 

    and all those exciting news we wrote in Tuesday, December 20.

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