What happened to 01.12.2016?

What happened to 01.12.2016?


    on the first day of winter, we found out that there is a likelihood of a Google module for Moto Tango z. Hellblade release date was moved indefinitely. They say that would be able to finish in 2017. Smartphones with promising names from Coolpad and not-so-promising filling intended to flood the shelves in India.

    Yakuza 6 rated for the first time. Remaining in the hands of users Galaxy Note 7 continue to struggle. No man’s creators Sky were acquitted advertising Committee of Great Britain. Mediatek said about the new chips Helio and the Shuttle X 27 X 23. Apple reduces iPhone orders 7.

    Camera-maljutku will be shown in January. Red case-battery from Apple looks stylish. Samsung Pay sixty steps by Russia. Fitbit said about buying a Pebble. Windows no longer kills the dynamics of the MacBook Pro. HP Elite x 3 was released in Russia. Costs approximately 50000 roubles. 

    HMD fully captured by Nokia. The GOG again distribute games for free. 2GIS became where better. Galaxy A5 we saw on photo and video. We also told you about what to play in December.

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