Wearable gadget Microsoft focused on fitness

Wearable gadget Microsoft focused on fitness


    Rumors about the development by Microsoft wearable gadget go a long time, but many are of an image Smart hours. But as reported by “people’s specialist Microsoft” and popular blogger Paul Tarrott whose information often takes the form of truth, wearable product from Microsoft will focus on fitness. No, the bracelet will still display the time and the notification from a smartphone, but its main “chip” will be hidden in various sensors, tracking the physical condition of the user and his activity (pedometer sensor heart rate, calories burned).

    In addition, we can see the outline of the bracelet Microsoft, which easily deals with many design elements. There is no guarantee that the final version of the product will reach the market in this form, but some idea of ​​the gadget, we still obtain.

    As we reported earlier, the differentiating factor from Microsoft will be developing its multiplatform. While watches and bracelets on the platform Android Wear work only with phones based on Android, and portable gadgets from Samsung compatible only with its own smartphones, Microsoft has in this regard is enough space to maneuver. And even if Apple will release iWatch, it is almost obvious that they are only compatible with the iPhone and iPad. But wearable device from Microsoft promises to immediately support Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Exit fitness gadget forecast Tarrott, to be held in the fourth quarter of this year.

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