Wall Switch Avi-on complete without a wired connection

Wall Switch Avi-on complete without a wired connection


    Avi-on – wall switch with a dimmer function. The main feature of the gadget is that it has not summed Wire – the device can be placed anywhere and freely outweigh from one wall to another.

    Principle of operation Avi-on is simple: switch sends commands to the associated device using Bluetooth. The list of compatible gadgets are two ” smart ” outlet (for internal and external use), light and classic wall dimmer, not able to move in space.


    To Avi-on, you can connect to a mobile device based on iOS or Android. In this case, the user can not only remotely issue commands, but also to program the switch to work on schedule.

    Among the new items is listed accessories for optional Wi-Fi-gateway allows you to manage the switch through the Internet. Due to the extremely low power consumption, Avi-on can work for about three years without battery replacement.

    At the moment, the creators of the gadget are campaigning to raise funds on its website. Deliveries Avi-on is scheduled for spring of next year.

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