Voltset – “smartest” multimeter for smartphones

Voltset – “smartest” multimeter for smartphones


    Voltset — «самый умный» мультиметр для смартфонов

    Those who have to work with electronics, this should be interesting gadget like Voltset. According to its creators, who have already collected more than half the required amount for the service Kickstarter, this device is the “smartest” multimeter.

    Voltset connects to your phone via USB and gives the ability to measure using a special application. Voltset developers report that they were unable at the time to pick up a multimeter, easy to carry, but at the same time powerful and versatile for use in a wide range of projects, bringing decided to create its own.

    The development took two years and subject to successful fundraising Voltset creators plan to release the device in mass market at the end of this year. Also plans to release a special wireless module, which enables you to connect to smartphones Voltset using technology Bluetooth.

    More information about the features of this smart multimeter can be on Kickstarter.

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