Voice Assistant Ubi went on sale

Voice Assistant Ubi went on sale


    Ubi – small wall-mounted gadget that serves as the voice assistant in the house. The device repeatedly demonstrated at various exhibitions and even lit up on Kickstarter. Now Ubi officially went on sale. Since the days of the campaign to raise funds, design of the device has undergone significant changes: visually similar to the novice Nest Protect. Price newfound gadget – $ 299.


    Recall that Ubi can not only recognize voice commands from the user, but also to control the equipment connected to the Wi-Fi. In other words, the gadget is suitable for sending messages and setting alarms, but much more important is the fact that the assistant has the ability to integrate with the Belkin WeMo, SmartThings, Nest, and other ” smart ” solutions.

    This allows control of lighting, heating and security system using only his own speech. In the future, the device also promises to make friends with IFTTT. Notably, of the mobile gadgets Ubi recognizes only products based on Android: apparently, ” iPhones ” ignored because of the existence of Apple HomeKit.

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