ViewSonic CDE8451-TL: 84-inch interactive display with a resolution of 4K Ultra-HD

ViewSonic CDE8451-TL: 84-inch interactive display with a resolution of 4K Ultra-HD


    ViewSonic CDE8451-TL has a resolution of 4K Ultra-HD and offers a fully integrated touch screen technology with a touch of a 6 points.

    ViewSonic Corporation announced CDE8451-TL – 84-inch interactive display with a resolution of 4K Ultra-HD, recognizing simultaneous touch at six points. Display CDE8451-TL provides bright, clear images with a high degree of detail.

    ViewSonic CDE8451-TL

    This quality is necessary for applications with Ultra High Definition images and touch input makes this model a perfect solution for the corporate sector , government agencies, research and medical institutions.

    ViewSonic CDE8451-TL provides ultra-high resolution 4K Ultra-HD with detail level four times higher than that displays 1080p Full HD. Large screen format based on LED technology and resolution of 4K (3840 × 2160) displays the finest image details and color shades in high definition.

    Touchscreen recognizing touch at six points, gives you the opportunity to write, draw or add notes finger or stylus, and can do it up to six members. Combination of interactive touch input and ultra-high resolution make ViewSonic CDE8451-TL in the ideal solution based on a large screen.

    From the connectors are on board HDMI, USB and VGA, as well as RS232 to control multiple displays and devices. A built-in Android OS provides users with a wide range of applications for business and education.

    Display CDE8451-TL comes with software ViewSonic ViewBoard, which gives you the opportunity to write and edit documents and images on the screen in real time. With an optional module ViewSonic NMP-708 slot-in PC, CDE8451-TL model can be transformed into an interactive large-format display with two operating systems.

    module NMP-708 uses Intel i5 CPU and graphics processor NVIDIA GPU, providing high performance when playing video content 4K. Embedded operating system Windows 8 turns NMP-708 to a computer capable of implementing all touch functionality of Windows 8 and access to applications MS Office Suite.

    In addition, the module ViewSonic NMP-708 provides users with additional computational power of the PC x86 . About the beginning of sales CDE8451-TL in Ukraine and manufacturer’s suggested retail price yet silent.

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