Two-eyed smart phone and camera, periscope. First impressions of the HTC Re and HTC Desire EYE

Two-eyed smart phone and camera, periscope. First impressions of the HTC Re and HTC Desire EYE


    This time HTC is very much talked about new options for using their gadgets, and science technical details mentioned very briefly in passing. And this is understandable.

    Firstly, the technical details are always boring. And secondly, all more or less visible devices are built on the same hardware production Qualcomm.

    Well, then, people are less likely to choose a smartphone, building on its computing power. Style and software features are becoming increasingly important.

    HTC Desire EYE на мероприятии Double Exposure в Нью-Йорке
    HTC Desire EYE Double Exposure at an event in New York

    HTC Re на мероприятии Double Exposure в Нью-Йорке
    HTC Re Double Exposure at the event in New York

    In general, the event Double Exposure, which was held today in New York, avoiding the boring facts and dry numbers, HTC unveiled two devices – a smartphone Desire EYE camera with a compact and concise name HTC Re. In both cases, the emphasis is on design and software features.

    HTC Desire EYE

    Essentially Desire EYE can be called as a link between the rulers and Desire One. From the first he got a thin plastic unibody-building (now protected from water IPx7), on the second – a robust hardware platform and a large Full HD screen.

    Экран HTC Desire EYE
    Screen HTC Desire EYE

    There is also a unique feature – two high-quality built-in cameras. Usually the main camera do abruptly, and the front is a modest resolution, microscopic sensor, and often even without autofocus.

    In both Desire EYE camera with autofocus and both shot in 13 megapixel resolution. Viewing angle is slightly different (from the front camera it is wider), as well as the luminosity – front f / 2.2, rear – f / 2.0.

    Фронтальная камера HTC Desire EYE
    Front camera HTC Desire EYE

    Основная камера HTC Desire EYE
    Main camera HTC Desire EYE

    From the point of view of hardware, Desire EYE almost identical to the flagship One (M8). The basis – the platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor with a frequency of 2.3 GHz with Adreno 330 graphics and two gigabytes of RAM.

    Permanent memory of 16 GB, but there is an expansion slot that supports media up to 128 GB.

    Левая боковая грань HTC Desire EYE
    Left side edge HTC Desire EYE

    Правая боковая грань HTC Desire EYE
    Right lateral side of HTC Desire EYE

    Screen – this 5.2-inch IPS-matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and the role of the operating system – Android 4.4 (KitKat) with shell HTC Sense 6.

    Front and rear camera can be operated at the same time that in the future will allow to combine images or save two movies at the same time to view in split screen. It is worth noting that on the right side wall there is a button camera – a smartphone is now waterproof and underwater sensor capacitive screen does not work.

    You can dive to a depth of one meter and a half to spend there. That’s enough for an entire underwater photo shoot.

    Верхний торец HTC Desire EYE
    The top end HTC Desire EYE

    Going to the features of software, it is worth remembering about the application HTC Zoe, which first appeared in the HTC One. It allows you to combine photos and videos in a single video sequence with special effects and music.

    The new version will allow Zoe more carefully adjust the display modes and (Warning) will be released as a separate application for the iPhone. In short, HTC is planned course and makes a successful idea in a great community. Will be integrated with Instagram, which is important, and with other social networks.

    Интерфейс приложения для съемки на HTC Desire EYE
    Application interface for recording on a HTC Desire EYE

    There will also be a standalone application to merge two pictures of different people with animated transitions. You could already see like, the idea is not new, but the smartphone is implemented for the first time.

    Also the quality of the animation is pleasantly surprising. But more on this we will say in full review.

    Интерфейс приложения для съемки на HTC Desire EYE
    Application interface for recording on a HTC Desire EYE

    In my view, the size of HTC Desire EYE on the verge of a pocket-sized – 151,7×73,8×8,5 mm and weighs 154 grams. The exact date of the start of sales, the company has not yet named. We only know that it will happen in November. Well, the price is negotiable.

    HTC Re

    A couple of weeks before the announcement of HTC has released a teaser video with a mysterious camera, like a periscope. This was HTC Re (pronounced “ri”). Quite compact, minimalist and affordable action camera.

    Although HTC insist that this is not an action camera, but rather a product of lifestyle categories.

    Общий вид HTC Re
    A general view of HTC Re

    There HTC Re no screen, can be used instead of any smartphone on Android or iPhone. But in case there are only two buttons, lens and tripod mount.

    Общий вид HTC Re
    A general view of HTC Re

    The camera is protected from water, can withstand a fall from a low height and looks very stylish. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful gadget of this kind to date. And on the protection necessary to tell more. HTC Re certified on three standards.

    IP57 (protection against dust and splashing), IPx7 for the camera out of the box (water-resistant to a depth of 1 meter for half an hour) and IPx8 (with a special lid).

    She uses a small (1 / 2,3 ”) CMOS-sensor with a resolution of 16 megapixels and records Full HD seen at 30 frames per second. In the HD (720p) can be four times slow motion. And this language provokes clarifying questions – say fps, how many? 120? 240? Concerning what fourfold slowing?

    Judging by the demo video at 120 Re removes frames per second, but this time we will be clear in the review. Fixed lens (no optical zoom) with a viewing angle of 146 degrees and a 2.8 aperture.

    HTC Re в руке
    HTC Re in hand

    Management organized extremely simple. On the back side, the thumb is the large button. Single-click makes photo double – includes videotaping and subsequent single-click again to stop recording. Separate button front starts moving slow-motion.

    Self-other, and can be removed without a bunch of smartphone – for storing content in Re has a microSD slot card installed 8GB. And, if desired, instead it will be possible to put the card on the 16, 32, 64 and even 128 GB.

    Объектив HTC Re
    Lens HTC Re

    In the case of shooting Time Lapse advantages of using a single camera are obvious – very few people can leave your smartphone unattended for 8 hours.

    In addition, while shooting you can call, after which the process will have to start all over again. With HTC Re (as, indeed, with any other single camera) such case excluded.

    Главная кнопка на корпусе HTC Re
    Home button on the HTC Re

    As already mentioned, the camera is compatible with smartphones based on Android (not less than 4.3) and iPhone (iOS7 and above), and the connection is via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. No settings to work and the connection is not required.

    Only need to install the application from the AppStore Re App or Google Play, which itself connects and activates the camera.

    Крепление на штатив и microUSB-порт на нижнем торце HTC Re
    Mount on a tripod and microUSB-port at the lower end HTC Re

    Battery 820 mAh allows you to make up to 1,200 images in full resolution and record 1 hour 40 minutes Full HD video. And, of course, HTC Re can be charged via USB from a laptop powerbank or any network adapter.

    Аксессуары для HTC Re
    Accessories for HTC Re

    HTC Re с велосипедным креплением
    HTC Re Bike mount

    HTC Re is very comfortable to hold in hand, she stands firmly on any horizontal surface, but still full use of this gadget is unthinkable without additional accessories.

    At the presentation showed mounting-clip, a special adapter for mounting on a bicycle (or any other tube), straps, bracelets, collars, fixed on the head, on a baseball cap, and a high capacity battery and stylish dock.

    And this is only the initial set. HTC does not put any restrictions before the third-party manufacturers, so that as the popularity of the new camera, and we see new proposals for enhancement.

    HTC Re и форма предзаказа
    HTC Re and shape of the pre-order

    Re camera is now available for pre-order in the United States at a price of $ 199. However, you can choose only two colors – white and orange – will now be available for another two – dark blue and mint.

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