TVs, projectors, media players – Home New October 2014

TVs, projectors, media players – Home New October 2014


    Prefix Google Nexus Player based on Android TV

    Google has unveiled his vision on what should be a set-top box based on the operating system Android. Model called Nexus Player, developed in collaboration with ASUS, finally went on sale. The interface and functionality of the base Android have been adapted for easy use on the TV screen and streaming content. The media player supports Google Chromecast, allowing to broadcast on a TV video, music and photos from your PC, smartphone or tablet. A distinctive feature of the interface – automatic ranking of applications and media files according to user preference.

    The basic kit includes a multi-function remote control with integrated microphone, and the game pad is offered for a surcharge.

    Nexus Player is based on a quad-core platform Intel Atom, running at a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz. Graphic component is based on the video accelerator Imagination PowerVR Series 6 and the memory subsystem has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage on. Wireless communications are presented Wi-Fi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1, and among the present communication connectors HDMI and Micro USB. The cost of new items is 99 US dollars.

    Google Nexus Player
    Google Nexus Player

    News from LG

    Manufacturers are rapidly losing the loyalty market Plasma TVs: Panasonic followed its intention to cease production of this technology company said LG. Full stop the conveyor will be held tentatively in late 2014 – early 2015, and the reason for this decision was the refusal to renew the contract partners of the company for the supply of components.

    The released capacity will be used for the production of LCD and OLED-TVs. Particular attention is paid to the issuance of curved LG OLED-panels and the fight to reduce the cost of such matrices.

    Производство плазменных телевизоров LG будет прекращено до конца года
    Production of Plasma TVs LG will be terminated before the end of the year

    The first downward trend in retail prices for OLED-TVs can be traced now. NEW LG 55EC930T estimated at US $ 5,000 and has a curved OLED-display with a diagonal of 55 inches. This form facilitates the best dives in the picture and prevents the characteristic flat TV losing definition and contrast of the image at the edges. Natural color reproduction is achieved by using four-color pixels, and the response speed of OLED-matrix LCD TVs leaves behind. New supports viewing of films in 3D-format and supplied including passive glasses Cinema 3D.

    One of the strengths of the model is the use of operating system WebOS, familiar to us on the flagship models of TVs LG. Numerous streaming services, multi-tasking and app store allow you to set the TV according to the taste of the buyer.

    LG 55EC930T — изогнутый OLED-телевизор на базе WebOS
    LG 55EC930T – curved OLED-TV based on WebOS

    The miniature projector LG HD MiniBeam PH300 allows you to “drill” a huge area image in virtually any terrain. This portable model is able to work 2.5 hours on a single battery charge, and will be appropriate to use with smartphones and tablets. The projector is equipped with a USB connector and HDMI (with support for MHL). It is very compact – its dimensions are 113x85x64 mm and weighs 430 grams.

    The maximum value of the luminance of the luminous flux up to 300 lumens, contrast ratio of 100,000: 1, and the marginal area of ​​the image is 100 inches at a distance of 3.75 m from the wall. The resolution of the projected image – 1280×720 pixels, and lamp life – 30,000 hours.

    The sales model will start in November, the information about the alleged pricing yet.

    Портативный проектор LG PH300
    Portable Projector LG PH300

    Home sales 4K-TVs Sony BRAVIA S9

    arrived in the English retail Sony BRAVIA TV series S9. Displays novelties display resolution 3840×2160 pixels, and the curved shape of the matrix increases the degree of immersion in what is happening on screen. Triluminos Display Technology maximizes natural color, and intelligent processing based on the X-tended Dynamic Range increases the contrast of bright areas in the shot, which greatly expands the range of brightness and enhances image detail.

    Scaling of low-quality content to format 4K processor provides X-Reality PRO. He makes a preliminary analysis of the image, color correction, smoothing shades and calibration of field that allows you to comfortably watch movies having a resolution of Full HD and lower.

    Detailed dynamic scenes is enhanced by technology Motionflow XR – in scenes with an abrupt change of embedded frames between frames, which eliminates image from jerks even in the videos recorded on the camera of your smartphone.

    The estimated cost of the novelties is 400 000 rubles for a model with a diagonal of 75 inches (KD-75S9005B) and 200 000 for the modification of the screen of 65 inches (KD-65S9005B).

    4K-телевизоры Sony BRAVIA S9
    4K-TVs Sony BRAVIA S9

    The first Philips TVs based on the Android OS available for purchase

    Started selling new Philips TV series 8100, 8200 and 8800 – the debut of the models based on OS Android. Full HD-TV series 8100 and 8200 have a display with a diagonal of 48 and 55 inches, respectively, and high performance hardware platform is supported with a quad-core processor at the helm. Philips 8800 Series is equipped with a display with a resolution Ultra HD enabled interpolation of low-quality videos, and hexa-core system-on-chip ensures support demanding applications and three-dimensional games based Android OS.

    The structure of the operating system includes applications store Google Play, TVs also support the management of mobile devices and transfer content via Miracast in both directions.

    This function allows you to transfer MultiRoom picture on nearby TV Philips Smart TV, which makes it possible to continue watching the video in another room.

    Improved color reproduction and picture clarity is provided by technology Perfect Motion Rate: 800 Hz for devices 8100 and 8200 Series, and 1000 Hz for the Series 8800 Function Micro Dimming Pro adjusts the backlight according to the lighting conditions, and the built-in camera recognizes the user’s face and adjusts the picture in accordance with the distance to it.

    The recommended prices for new items starting from 72 000 to 48-inch models. Flagship modification costs 130 000.

    Телевизоры Philips на базе Android OS уже в продаже
    Philips TVs based on the Android OS is already available

    The new projectors Epson: gesture support and a laser light source

    Epson has introduced a new range of English projectors. In addition to traditional improve the characteristics of the image, new items have got a particular set of functions.

    Touch Projector Epson EB-595Wi got the ability to recognize gestures and touch toes. The model handles up to six simultaneous touches that lets you adjust the size, move the pictures and save the information on the projected image. You can browse content from USB-drives, and sound reproduction thanks to built-in speaker power of 16 watts. Data transmission can also take place by means of Wi-Fi. The brightness of the projector is 3000 lumens, contrast ratio of up to 10,000: 1, lamp life is 6000 hours.

    Epson EB–595Wi
    Epson EB-595Wi

    The model contains a number of improvements for use in the educational environment: The “moderator” allows you to connect to the projector up to 50 users via a wireless network. Displaying an image can be done with four smartphones, tablets or computers at the same time. The teacher can choose from a device of the student will be televised image on the screen.

    Epson EB–595Wi
    Epson EB-595Wi

    Other destinations in laser video projectors EH-LS10000 and EH-LS9600W. These models are focused on the use in the home. Powered by the dual laser light source in which one beam generates light output in the blue range, and the second with the help of optical filters complements the range of red and green hues.

    The advantage of this solution is to implement an impressive contrast of 1000000: 1, absolute black and wide color range. 3LCD Reflective technology provides a frame rate of 480 Hz and ensures clear images in dynamic scenes. Model EH-LS9600W allows you to take Full HD image with the WirelessHD-transmitter, and the distinctive ability Epson EH-LS10000 is the optical zoom the image to the resolution of 4K. Endurance novelties is 30 000 hours in economy mode.

    Лазерные проекторы Epson для домашнего кинотеатра
    Laser projectors Epson Home Cinema

    Matchstick – rival Google Chromecast based on Firefox OS

    Nonprofit organization Mozilla Foundation launched a fundraising Keychain streaming called Matchstick. The device will have a similar structure with Google Chromecast and will be able to broadcast content with others on TV gadgets through connector HDMI. The project is based on an open platform Firefox, which means that support HTML-based applications. The device receives a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of flash. Acceptance of streaming content will be possible with Firefox and Google Chrome, as well as applications for Android and iOS.

    As part of the campaign on Kickstarter plan to collect the amount of 100 thousand dollars, the retail price of the product is $ 25, and delivery is scheduled to begin in early 2015.

    Matchstick — брелок потокового вещания производства Mozilla
    Matchstick – Keychain streaming production Mozilla

    The new Smart TV consoles and accessories from UPVEL

    UPVEL company announced two new Smart-consoles and accessories for “smart” TV: touch keyboard, mouse and dock. For the conversion of the TV in Android-terminal and access to mobile applications require only a HDMI-connector. Branded input device UPVEL distinguished by the presence of all necessary for networking, as well as compact size.

    Attachments UM-522TV and UM-521TV is based on quad-core Rockchip, functioning with a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz. Amount of RAM is 2 GB storage capacity – 8GB, but there is the possibility of expanding to additional free 32 GB by using memory card micro SDHC. Supports the connection of hard disks up to 2 terabytes and broadcasting video from a home media server.

    ТВ-приставки и аксессуары UPVEL — Smart TV для всех
    set-top boxes and accessories UPVEL – Smart TV for all

    Model UM-522TV is equipped with built-in camera and microphone that allows the user, for example, communicate with Skype using the big screen. Both consoles maintain control with the remote control or the traditional keyboard and mouse. Price UM-522TV is 4600 rubles, and the modification of the UM-521TV will cost the buyer at 4,000 rubles, respectively.

    ТВ-приставки и аксессуары UPVEL — Smart TV для всех
    set-top boxes and accessories UPVEL – Smart TV for all

    First serial adapter MHL 3.0

    The company Johnson Components Equipments has released the industry’s first certified MHL adapter revision 3.0. Now mobile devices that support this standard will be able to connect to almost any TV equipped with a port HDMI.

    The adapter supports a resolution of 4K standard and is backward compatible with MHL versions 1.0 and 2.0. Supports fast charging of mobile devices operation without an external memory and technology content protection HDCP 2.2. Production of new items will start in November for a suggested price of $ 30.

    Адаптер JCE MHL 3.0 TVs, projectors, media players
    Adapter JCE MHL 3.0

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