Touch screen notebooks gaining market share

Touch screen notebooks gaining market share


    Touch screen notebooksNotebooks with touch screens have increased market penetration rate according to recent models. According to Taiwanese portal DigiTimes citing local sources in the supply chain,  global shipments of laptops equipped with touch screens will reach 25-27 million units, which would correspond to 15-17% of the total number of portable PCs issued by manufacturers. In 2014, the equity ratio is expected to reach 13-15%.

    The main stimulator of demand are hybrid vehicles that are capable of transforming the laptop into a tablet and vice versa.

    According to industry sources, this year’s panel makers plan to increase capacity for the production of touch screen notebooks, some companies’ plants already operating at 80-90% capacity. However, vendors recognize that the gains of touch screen notebooks are slower than expected growth, despite the popularity of Windows 8, the functionality of which is focused on interfaces controlled by means of finger touch.

    It is expected that touch panels and hybrid computers will spur demand for laptops with touch screens. At the same time, according to a recent publication from DigiTimes, PC vendors refused to touch technology in the classic notebook with a hinged lid model, as their stocks of these items moves very slowly. If this is true, it means that further growth in the market of touch screen notebooks will depend on “two-in-one” hybrid models.

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