To add to a Street View Liwa Google used camel

To add to a Street View Liwa Google used camel


    Liva – large oasis in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). The place is not too well known, but even got there camera service Google Street View, filmed his desert expanses.

    Для добавления в Street View Ливы Google использовала верблюда

    And, got absolutely enchanting way – on the backs of camels. It is an animal, many centuries were used for transportation of goods in caravans, raised by the unusual wear – rather cumbersome “camp” camera Trekker, use the “Corporation of good” for mapping hard-to- locations.

    To the camera was able to carry a camel, it had to be significantly modified (because it is designed for portability person). Previously, Google Trekker used for shooting in the Grand Canyon, in northern Canada, and other hard-to-car field.

    Google has “photographed” the vast majority of the major cities in the world and is now trying to get into unexpected locations, or wherever usually untouched by human hands. For many of these mini-projects Google even gathering volunteers.

    To look at the way, done the camel is already possible in a single round of Street View.

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