Thick Thin Case for iPad Air (video)

Thick Thin Case for iPad Air (video)


    Толстый чехол для тонких iPad Air (видео)

    If you own iPad Air and never parted with it then cover Amp, a draft of which is now submitted to Kickstarter, should interest you.

    Gregg Davis, author of the project, says iPad one of the best inventions of mankind, however, found in him a significant drawback: the excellent visual characteristics, the sound of the tablet is poor, so to improve its quality has to use headphones or external speakers, which are often quite uncomfortable.

    The solution became a case of unusual design, in front of which are built-in stereo speakers. Amp allows you to use the tablet in different positions, as well as provides protection.

    On sale it will appear next April for about $ 250.

    Source: kickstarter

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