The younger line of mobile processors Intel Skylake continue to use the name Core M

The younger line of mobile processors Intel Skylake continue to use the name Core M


    Resource CPU-World has published a new piece of information about the Intel mobile processors generation Skylake. As CPU Broadwell, the next generation will be divided into three lines.

    Model H are aimed at devices with maximum performance, U model designed for Ultrabooks and thin laptops, processors and line Y will be allocated the lowest level of power consumption and will appear in the hybrid devices and tablets. Each line will consist of 4 to 15 models of CPU.

    Processors line Y will use the trademark Core M, launched in September for CPU Broadwell. All of them will receive two cores with support Hyper Threading, Turbo Boost support and graphics GT2.

    The older model will get 4 MB cache in the third level, and technology support VPro, while the remaining limited to 3 MB cache and virtualization technology will not be supported.

    U line of processors will use the names of Celeron, Pentium and Core ix. These solutions will receive two cores and will be characterized by TDP of 15 to 28 watts.

    Models Core i5 and Core i7 processors with a TDP of 15 watts will receive 3 and 4 MB cache, respectively, support Hyper Threading, Turbo Boost, and graphics GT2 or GT3e.

    Some of them will be allocated to support virtualization. Pentium and Celeron processors traditionally not receive support Hyper Threading. Cache memory of the CPU is 2 MB, and will be responsible for the graphics core GT1.

    Core i5 and Core i7 line of H will be allocated by the presence of four cores and a TDP of 45 watts. Some modifications limited to 35 watts. In addition, the line will include CPU Core i3 with a TDP of 35 watts and graphics GT2.

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