The ventilation system Ecovent is available for pre-order

The ventilation system Ecovent is available for pre-order


    Project Ecovent, which the authors have been developing ” smart ” ventilation systems for homes, continues to develop: he recently received major financial investments in the amount of $ 2.2 million.

    In addition, the creators of a startup, finally opened pre-orders for their products, and buyers to be active, they were offered a temporary 50-percent discount.


    The complex Ecovent focused on home with central air heating. It consists of three components: the hub of the fan grid and a special sensor. The software part of – app for iOS or Android, providing remote control.

    Ventilation grille is powered by battery and automatically opens or closes, relying on setting the sensor readings and direct commands from the user. The sensor module that is inserted into the socket, measure temperature and humidity.

    Moreover, it is able to determine whether anyone else in the room at this time. The module has two of its own outlets, as well as a pair of USB-output for connecting chargers. Having multiple sensors and arrays allows the temperature in different areas independently from each other.

    With the discount, the hub is available for $ 100, and the sensors and the lattice will cost $ 50 per copy.

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