The new material will help to breathe underwater

The new material will help to breathe underwater


    akawrepr_300x225 Oxygen will soon be getting only the latest of several crystals of the material.

    Scientists from the University of Southern Denmark have developed a material that can absorb, store and release large amounts of oxygen. Also feature is the ability to absorb and release oxygen repeatedly without loss of properties, like a sponge. Oxygen evolution occurs at a small heating of the material, which can be used light.

    The key component of innovative materials – cobalt. Depending on the oxygen concentration, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure and other factors, the substance can absorb oxygen at different rates – in a few seconds, minutes, hours, or days.

    This allows, for example, to create a multi-layer mask, which will provide a person with oxygen from the ambient air without the need for additional equipment. Material capable of storing three times more oxygen than akvalangichesky oxygen cylinder with the same volume, but is able to produce oxygen even from water.

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