The new Intel presented in Ukraine

The new Intel presented in Ukraine


    Новые процессоры Intel представлены в Украине

    Intel has officially unveiled in the Ukrainian market a new line of processors Core M, Core i7 and Xeon E5 -2600 v3.

    The presentation took place in the hall of the Little Opera in Kiev, and was held in the format of the contemporary spectacle in three acts, which combines technology and creativity.

    Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition

    8-core Intel Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition are replacing rulers Sandy Bridge-E and Ivy Bridge-E. They were created specifically for those who need high performance. Primarily, it gamers, but not exclusively. The new processors will appreciate and users working with video.

    For example, during presentations director of marketing at Intel in Ukraine Yuriy Mykolyshyn demonstrated rendering video, shot once with 5 cameras. Get a panoramic video, and rendering a 30-second video on a computer with a new processor took just 50 seconds.

    According to the manufacturer, for enthusiasts, gamers and content developers who need maximum performance, this processor with Intel 16 threads and DDR4 memory will provide the highest rates of productivity desktops. Overclocking capabilities, too, has not been canceled.



    Intel Core M

    New mobile processor Intel Core M (codenamed Broadwell-Y) is designed to create portable fanless devices with high performance or battery life.

    It is assumed that these processors will be used primarily in transformers devices that combine the advantages of laptops and tablets.

    “Laptop when you need a tablet when you want”- the motto of these devices 2-in-1 appear in an assortment of different manufacturers. By the way, during the presentation, we were shown a prototype of such a device by most Intel. In addition, there were also commercial products in this form factor from ASUS and Dell.

    Gadgets 2-in-1 based on Intel Core M will be able to more than 8 hours continuous play videos that up to 20% (1.7 hours) longer than the previous generation of Intel Core 2 times longer compared to a PC, purchased 4 years ago.



    Intel Xeon E5 v3

    Finally, the third generation of a family of server processors Intel Xeon E5 v3 is designed for a variety of workloads and demands of today’s data centers (DPC).

    Today a major role in the economy of digital services play speed of deployment, energy efficiency and reduced operating expenses in the future, as well as ease of management. In addition, the corner-stone is placed and security.

    In this regard, the greatest importance is the so-called software-defined infrastructure (PRI English. Software Defined Infrastructure, SDI) – the foundation of the modern data center (DC) including systems for cloud computing.

    As the cornerstone DPC began its work efficiency and scalability, all resources must support the ability of programming and configuration. These features, together with telemetry, analysis and automation, allow for complete optimization data center.

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