The network has a new photo plates HP

The network has a new photo plates HP


    Recently, we reported on plans for the U.S. release of HP’s new tablet – HP Slate 8 Plus. And just the other day the notorious Twitter user under the pseudonym @ evleaks shared with the public photo novelties Hewlett-Packard in the tablet segment.

    As can be easily seen, submitted photos are slightly different from each other. It can be seen that one of the plates (red) is endowed with an audio system Beats Audio, while others have none. And in general, some devices resemble smartphones instead of 8-inch plates. Therefore argue that it is HP Slate 8 Plus, you can not.

    Based on the available information we can say only one thing: the device data with photos have not yet been officially announced by the American company. And perhaps in the near future, we learn about them is more specific information.

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