The first tests have revealed the shortcomings of the construction of the new space telescope James Webb Space Telescope

The first tests have revealed the shortcomings of the construction of the new space telescope James Webb Space Telescope


    Very unpleasantly when any scientific equipment detected signs of abnormal behavior, and this is especially frustrating when this equipment is already collected and is at the stage of testing before commissioning.

    this situation with a new space telescope James Webb Space Telescope, the final cost of which is estimated at 5.5 billion dollars. And at this time remains to be seen whether the telescope is able to withstand all the overloads that will influence during its launch into space.

    we remind our readers that the Assembly design of telescope James Webb Space Telescope was completed just over a month ago. And in the preparation of this instrument for the launch, which is planned for 2018, he undergoes a series of tests in conditions of extreme temperatures, high vacuum and vibration. All this is done in order to ensure that it successfully survive the startup process on board the Ariane 5 and will maintain fitness in space during his mission, which lasts for a period of 5 to 10 years.

    “Anomalies” in the structure of the telescope were discovered December 3, 2016 year during vibration testing, proizvodimy in the center of NASA space flight Goddarada in Maryland. Some of the sensors-accelerometers installed in different points of the construction of the telescope, issued outside the data, which were outside the limits of acceptable standards. The reason for this phenomenon is still unknown and the search will be focused all further efforts by scientists and engineers of the mission.

    “we are now preparing for a new series of tests designed to find reasons for detected anomalies”-write representatives of u.s. space agency NASA, is “technical team investigating the causes of the anomalies, several times has made the most thorough Visual examination of all the elements of the construction of the telescope and found no signs of mechanical damage. We have already fired repeated vibration tests with lower amplitude and now compare the data with those obtained before registering anomalies “.

    is not worth it and mention the particular importance of the James Webb Space Telescope project for the entire scientific community. The capabilities of this telescope will allow scientists to acquire images of the first stars that have emerged in the universe, galaxies, formed after only 200 million years after the big bang, and make a thorough study of the closer objects, in particular, the conditions under which allow the existence of life on them. This project is so important, that it should not fail. And let’s hope that mission specialists will be able to not only detect, but also eliminate the cause of the anomaly in his designs.


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