Tank Utility: “smart” addition to the gas equipment

Tank Utility: “smart” addition to the gas equipment


    A new gadget with Kickstarter, called Tank Utility, aimed at owners of heating systems using liquefied propane.

    The device allows you to monitor fuel levels remotely using a mobile app or web interface.

    The gadget will automatically send an alert if the quantities of energy approaches zero.

    The sharp increase in consumption, indicates the possibility of a gas leak and not ignored.


    The novelty consists of two components: a base module and a sensor that is connected to the current instrument for measuring the fuel level.

    The devices are connected together by a five-meter cable.

    The main module provides wireless communication with the router. This component has a magnetic base for easy fixing to metal surfaces – for example, the gas container.

    The power supply module uses a set of AA batteries, which lasts for three years. Components of Tank Utility are waterproof and can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius.

    In the retail gadget should arrive in May next year, the recommended price of $ 199.

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