Take shots of fireworks with a tripod

Take shots of fireworks with a tripod


    Fireworks are very interesting to take pictures. Find a profitable point shooting, set the tripod with the camera on and watch the display.


    In the night time cityscape transformed, becoming a magical and very photogenic. Especially magnificent fireworks. Remove them in the night sky and get amazing photos.

    Fireworks very interesting to shoot, and when you have mastered the technique of shooting, you will see that it is very simple. You need to use a slow shutter speed to capture a few outbreaks in one frame, and this is best done by setting the camera to manual exposure “B” so that you can start and end of the exposure set for yourself. The difference between 5 and 8 is only half a step, so you can not worry that some frames will be slightly different exposure. Aperture f / 8-ll just be the best at low light sensitivity, which provides good picture quality. Tripod, of course, is mandatory and is always useful remote release when the shutter speed is set to mode “B”.


    When you link a frame estimate, which must be scattered fireworks to leave the place where the stock. It is difficult to predict precisely, so be prepared to quickly change the composition, when the spectacle begins, and you will get a better idea of ​​what is happening. Depending on conditions, it may be that the best pictures are in the beginning of the performance. As you continue to salute in the sky accumulates a lot of smoke, which worsens the appearance.

    Initial set:

    • DSLR-camera
    • Tripod
    • Remote trigger device


    • Select the shutter speed is relatively short (five seconds or so) to fix several outbreaks and do not overload the picture.
    • Watch for coverage details to emphasize the situation and the scale. Okay include frame houses, streets and people.
    • Grab a spare battery. Cold night and long exposures can lead to the fact that the power will not last long.
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