Swaive: smart thermometer integrated with Apple HealthKit

Swaive: smart thermometer integrated with Apple HealthKit



    Swaive Company has developed a “smart” digital thermometer that integrates with Apple HealthKit on the iPhone or iPad.

    This device is designed in such a way as to make the process of temperature measurement is easy to obtain results with an accuracy not worse than plusmn; 0,01 deg ;. The user simply inserts the tip of the thermometer in your ear, push the button and produces measurement.

    The temperature then displayed on the device, as well as in the application. Built into the device LEDs also allow fast and easy to measure the temperature at night.

    The application allows the user to monitor the temperature changes hourly, daily or weekly, and send the results to your doctor or family, if required. Since the normal body temperature is slightly different for people of different ages, thermometer Swaipe adapts to every member of the family who owns this device. While the number of such users is not limited to the thermometer.

    The thermometer is currently available only for pre order for $ 79.99, and the sale will be at the end of November 2014

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