Sven MS-3000 – good sound in every home

Sven MS-3000 – good sound in every home


    Modern multimedia speaker market is crowded with all sorts of suggestions from a wide variety of companies to suit every taste, color and budget.

    There are portable microsystem-baby, there are overhangs to electronics Apple, there are many other options for listening to audio in the most unpredictable conditions.

    If speakers designed to work in any particular situation, we can forgive her for some flaws, but not if the speakers are designed for home use, to create a home theater and the highest quality sound from various media sources.

    Competition in this market is very high, and every new product specialists meet consumers are very picky. New company SVEN, 2.1-channel multimedia speaker system MS-3000, is going to take its rightful place among modern quality solutions for home use. Let us see why.


    Let’s look at the packaging. A box handed down the basic parameters of the system, also indicated the possibility of connecting various removable flash drives, making the acoustics compatible with many devices. Should immediately note the support play music from memory card standard SD, as well as a built-in FM-tuner.

    Besides the speakers, a subwoofer and amplifier unit, the package includes:

    • Signal cable 2RCA – mini-Jack;
    • Speaker cable (3 pcs.)
    • Antenna wire;
    • Power cable;
    • Remote control;
    • Instruction Manual;
    • Warranty card.

    Appearance. Controls

    The system looks quite compact. Dimensions subwoofer make 265x265x265 mm caliper – 120x202x125 mm, power amplifiers – 69x200x220 mm. Overall design in classic for home entertainment acoustic style. Floor speakers and subwoofer styled cherry, so that the system is likely quite successfully fit into any modern interior.

    We consider the design of the satellite speakers. Speaker enclosure is made of medium density fiberboard (MDF – Medium Density Fiberboard), which in theory significantly improves the low frequency spectrum.

    Location tweeter and midrange speaker satellites standard, as in most multimedia systems. Between the diffuser and the body low and midrange transducer mounted suspension. Diameter dome tweeter of 22 mm diameter cone midrange (broadband) head – 90 mm.

    Material diffuser both emitters – cloth, impregnated with a special, high-frequency tweeter in case it is more flexible and elastic. Calculated and verified elasticity diffusers allows enough flat frequency response in a given frequency band for satellites 150-25000 Hz.

    The back of the speakers are placed standard terminals for connection to an amplifier and phase inverter. Provided fasteners for wall mounting speakers.

    In fact, the subwoofer is a cube with an edge length of 265 mm. It is made from the same material as the satellites – from MDF board.

    The huge, 165-mm cone woofer allows natural, evenly reproduce frequencies in the audio range claimed 35-150 Hz.

    Amplifier block contains the basic controls. At the top of the front panel is a display for displaying the current settings or the time when the device is in standby mode. At the top of the housing block amplifier has buttons to select the play, are located below the knob to change the power level of the bass and treble, as well as a large master volume control.

    The front of the rendered three connectors: Connect USB-drive with music files recorded in MP3, headphone jack and line-in AUX. On the right side of the unit is a slot for SD-cards.

    The rear panel of the amplifier unit includes standard connectors for connecting speakers and linear FM-slot antenna. At the top are the inputs to connect a computer, and an additional line input. In the bottom of the socket for the mains cable and the on / off power.

    Audiotrackt of system SVEN MS-3000 made three chips, quite popular in the design of modern multimedia systems, televisions and car audio. The first chip – this four-switched digital audio processor on the CMOS-chip manufacturing companies PT2313L Princeton Technology, with its help preamp signal, tone adjustment, switching inputs and the like.

    The chip is made in 28-pin SO package and electrically compatible with the analog TDA7313.

    Another two chips – TPA3123D2 (closest analog TPA3120D2) manufacture Texas Instruments, made in 24-pin TSSOP package and closed heat sink – used as the final power amplifier Class D. Each chip is able to shake the two channels with a load of 4 ohms to power 25 watts per channel at a supply voltage 27 V or 20 watts per channel at 24 V supply voltage, while the chip works with supply voltages from 10 to 30 V.

    The system SVEN MS-3000 is one such chip is activated for amplifying the output of the stereo on satellites (2×20 W), and the second chip is bridged subwoofer amplifier (40 watts).

    According to the specs of the chip TPA3123D2, a typical inclusion total harmonic distortion + noise (THD + N) at 4 ohms at 10 W output power does not exceed 0.08%, and the signal / noise ratio for maximum power at THD + N lt; 1% and f = 1 kHz is about 99 dB – this can be considered a decent standard for multimedia amplifier in its class.

    Switching power supply system on a separate charge. Connectors for the speakers and a subwoofer placed directly on board amplifiers and line input on a circuit board located under the front false panels, connected with shielded cable amplifiers.

    Remote allows complete control audio without the need to block amplifier.

    In general acoustics control is carried out is quite simple and does not cause any claims, all operated by setting clear displayed on the digital display of the amplifier.

    Playback FM-radio

    With mode playback FM radio stations in microsystems is no problem. Even with the existing antenna supplied most popular stations qualitatively reproduced, and even in stereo. Automatic search is performed instantly, but you can search for stations manually.

    Specifications of Sven MS-3000

    • Canal system: 2.1
    • Power of subwoofer: 40 W
    • Power of satellites: 2×20 W
    • Housing material: MDF
    • Frequency range of front speakers: 150-25000 Hz
    • Subwoofer frequency range: 35-150 W
    • Adjusting the tone: HF / LF
    • Range of built-in tuner: FM
    • Speaker satellites diameter: 1×22 mm (HF); 1×90 mm (MF)
    • Speaker subwoofer diameter: 1×165 mm
    • Line input: Stereo, 2 RCA – mini-Jack
    • Headphone jack: 3.5mm
    • Interfaces: USB (type A), SD-flash
    • Front speaker dimensions (WxHxD) mm: 120x202x125
    • Subwoofer dimensions (WxHxD) mm: 265x265x265
    • Amplifier Dimensions (WxHxD) mm: 69x200x220

    Sound and Work Impression

    The sound quality of Sven MS-3000 was a pleasant surprise. Edited before our task was to find flaws by playing music completely different genres. Acoustics easily cope with any genres: sometimes it seems that it is able to unlock the potential in larger scale than is considered sufficient for systems of this class and price range.

    First of all I evaluate the performance of the subwoofer on the example of electronic music with a rich background bass. At maximum volume level did not notice any distortion timbre nor vnutrikarkasnyh vibration, which is a huge advantage for those who like “rattle” to spite neighbors – this power is more than enough.

    Vocals and classical music also played a very natural and pleasant. Details clearly listened to the entire frequency range, regardless of the sound pressure level of the system.

    The maximum stereo effect is achieved at the farthest spacing of satellites in space – thanks to long speaker cables is not a problem.

    Frequency coverage subwoofer passive type, recall, is in the range of 35-150 Hz at an output power of 40 watts. This allows detailed reproduce low-frequency sounds, even at low volume.

    Thanks to the loudness Loudness, power leveling bass and treble, sound stage is a more intense and bulk, while the overall dynamics of the audio stream is natural. This mode can be called universal, because activating Loud once, you do not want to disable it.

    This function is also relevant when using acoustics as a system for the TV. So, when watching movies will be distinctly heard all the details, even if the volume is minimal.

    There is also the possibility of selective correction high and low frequencies (Bass / Treble), but will have to manage these parameters depending on the type of music that is quite often.

    The amplitude-frequency characteristics were directly provided by Sven. Frequency graph is smooth, with no visible debris and sharp transitions. Frequency range is displayed in accordance with the underlying characteristics.


    Select quality, but the budget speaker system – can be a challenge. Many manufacturers offer either a low-cost devices that are compatible with the gadgets Apple, either already for much more money, but more versatile and professional.

    Modern Acoustics, including Sven MS-3000, already deprived of the drives to play music from CD-ROM-carriers – they are the accessory of the past decade, so that their absence does not affect the popularity of this model. Product of Sven fits into the niche of high budget acoustics, because the market price of the recommended Sven MS-3000 is only $135.

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