Surfboards in an urban environment (video)

Surfboards in an urban environment (video)


    Доска для сёрфинга в городских условиях (видео)

    Athletes who know how to deal with boards for surfing, kiting or snowboarding, may be interested in the project DESKA, recently launched on Indiegogo.

    In the minimum configuration DESKA vaguely resembles a regular skateboard, but the developer has complicated structure and the future owners of this new product will be able to install it on a special braking system or attachment for legs that can benefit the usability, as well as on safety when moving around the city.

    But the most interesting feature is the ability to install DESKA sail: if you want to try their hand at windsurfing, but live far away from large bodies of water, the device will provide the opportunity to ride with the wind and not get wet.

    Though this idea looks very attractive, the question of where will undertake a fairly strong wind in the concrete jungle, remains open. However, if the project you are interested, you can support it by clicking on the link at the end of the article.

    Source: indiegogo

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