Stratasys introduced six model of 3D-printers with triple-print nodes

Stratasys introduced six model of 3D-printers with triple-print nodes


    The company Stratasys introduced six models of 3d-printers with triple-print nodes: Objet260 Connex1, Objet260 Connex2, Objet260 Connex3, Objet350 Connex1, Objet350 Connex2 and Objet350 Connex3. The first three in the labeling pattern maker belong to the category of compact, three second – category 3D-printers of average size. The size of the printable area in the former case is 255 × 252 × 200 mm, in the second – 342 x 342 x 200 mm. Dimensions themselves Objet260 printers are 870 × 735 × 1200 mm, Objet350 – 1400 x 1260 x 1100 mm.

    3d-printers with triple-print nodes

    The printer uses photopolymer printing. A common feature of devices, as already mentioned, is 3d-printers with triple-print nodes. It enables the use of three different materials simultaneously. Compatibility with various materials and allows to obtain a wide selection of items from the specified combination of properties including flexibility, durability, and color (total 80 parameters per item). Resolution on the horizontal axis is 600 dpi and the vertical axis – 1600 dots per inch.

    Models Objet260 and Objet350 Connex1, according to the manufacturer, for the first time make available printing technology triple printing unit in the office. Increase in inventories of supplies and hot-swappable supplies can increase the degree of utilization of the printer. Models Objet260 Connex2 and Objet350 Connex2 differ support of two-component materials ruler Digital. Models Objet260 Connex3 and Objet350 Connex3, moreover, allow to form the color specified in the model, created by the CAD.

    Source: Stratasys

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