Speaker system, capable of killing a man

Speaker system, capable of killing a man


    This thing that looks like a giant pinna is not really able to capture ambient sounds. On the contrary, representing a generator of sound vibrations.

    Акустическая система, способная убить человека

    In fact – this is the biggest and, concurrently, the most powerful audio system in Europe. Maximum output power of mega-devaysa Information (hopefully not proven in practice) of the European Space Agency, capable of literally kill a man who stood in the way of the outlet of the enormous sound system sound pressure level.

    “Big Speaker Setup” was created Space Agency ESA in Noordwijk (Netherlands). The device is intended for testing spacecraft components for resistance to extreme vibration, they usually experience at launch. The system works just four “horn” that create sound in a wide range of frequencies. To create a sound pressure level of 154 dB ESA engineers have to pass through the horns, compressed nitrogen gas.

    Safety of employees of this company provides a protective concrete wall reinforced with steel having a thickness of half a meter. The inner surface of the chamber is covered with the epoxy resin, well-reflecting sound waves. Security systems allow you to enable installation only if the staff will come out of coverage, and all the doors will be closed.

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