Sony opens shop in Dubai underwater

Sony opens shop in Dubai underwater


    It would seem that there is nothing unusual in the fact that Sony is planning to open in Dubai your new store, which will sell smartphones Xperia. However, some sources say that it will be quite unusual shop. The fact that it is located under the water, and the main range of Xperia Aquatech Store will be presented waterproof smartphones and accessories from Sony.

    Each visitor shop Xperia Aquatech Store will be accompanied by specially trained divers, and for good reason – the point of sales will be at a depth of four meters. As conceived by the company’s management, like the store will offer buyers “unforgettable experience that emphasizes the passion for innovation Xperia smartphone market”. The opening of this store in Dubai may be held on 3 December this year.

    Earlier, Sony already has an interesting marketing ideas. Thus, the Japanese sell their Waterproof MP3-players, which were packaged in bottles of water.

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