Sony has updated its line of “bass” Headphone eXtra Bass

Sony has updated its line of “bass” Headphone eXtra Bass


    Line of headphones Sony eXtra Bass (Series MDR-XB) supplemented with several new models. This series is specifically designed to reproduce powerful and accurate low-frequency sounds, this technology is implemented Advanced Vibe Structure.

    It provides acoustic volume inside the headset, which acts as a natural low-frequency amplifier. The series includes models Sony MDR-XB950BT – the first wireless Bluetooth-headset in the lineup eXtra Bass. They are equipped with 40-mm speaker tuned to reproduce low frequencies, as well as additional electronic amplifier bass.


    Time in active mode is approximately 20 hours. Frequency lower limit is 3 Hz, and the maximum sound power – 1500 mW.

    Sony MDR-XB950AP – older model headband headphones in the line eXtra Bass. The model is a fresh design with aluminum housing and two color schemes. Headphones feature 40mm speakers with swivel cups, and flat wire will be less confusing. Like the previous model, with Sony MDR-XB950AP Frequency limit of 3 Hz and a maximum sound power – 1500 mW.


    Sony MDR-XB450BV – it closed ear headphones with 30mm speaker, tuned to the low frequency reproduction and electronic amplifier bass. These headphones are equipped with a special mechanism to ensure the effects of vibration to the music.


    Model Sony MDR-XB450B ​​is stylish clip-on headphones closed type with improved low-frequency range and the ability to further enhance the bass. Rotary cup and flat wire protected from tangling make use of this model in a convenient way, the company said.


    A distinctive feature of Sony MDR-XB450AP is the presence of five vibrant colors. Headband construction provides aluminum deck. This model is also useful on the road thanks to a turning cups and flat wires protected from tangling and headset for smartphones.


    Finally, Sony MDR-XB250 – basic model line overhead headphones eXtra Bass with 30mm speakers.

    On the market new models of headphones Sony eXtra Bass will appear in October and November. Estimated cost of new models Sony eXtra Bass: MDR-XB950BT – $ 199, MDR-XB950AP – $ 118, MDR-XB450BV – $ 125, MDR-XB450B ​​- $ 99, MDR-XB450AP – $ 54, MDR-XB250 – $ 29.

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