Smartphones Motorola officially return to Russia after the New Year

Smartphones Motorola officially return to Russia after the New Year


    As we have already mentioned, Lenovo completed the acquisition by Google of Motorola Mobility. The official statement on this matter followed literally just that, and in the micro-blog Twitter PR-department head of the English division of Lenovo Marat Rakaeva already there was a message about the company’s plans for the import of Motorola smartphones in Russia.

    Recall, Motorola has officially ceased to sell their mobile devices in Russia back in 2010 – in the autumn of that year was closed, and the English representative office of the company.

    Since then, the purchase of Motorola in Russia could only be on the “gray” market, but buyers are having a hard time. Thus, a resident of Ulyanovsk region this summer even brought administrative proceedings for the purchase of a smartphone Motorola Moto G in the German online store.

    This device is not certified for sale in the territory of Russia. As indicated by the Customs Service, the case was brought for import into the country of prohibited encryption device. In addition, this summer ” of Yandex.Market ” excluded from the SERPs same smartphone Motorola Moto G, which was sold through unofficial channels.

    In light of this, especially looks nice news about the imminent return of the official Motorola smartphones on the English market. According to Marat Rakaeva, plans Lenovo – start supplying these devices in Russia immediately after the New Year.

    Followers of his Twitter-account immediately interested in modeling number of devices that can be imported into Russia. Of particular interest is the latest flagship Motorola Droid Turbo (he was recently introduced in the US operator Verizon) and round smart watch Moto 360.

    However, on the model of clarity yet, cancer and only said that now the list of models and will soon be determined more complete information on this subject.

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