Smart watches Halo combine analog and digital opportunities

Smart watches Halo combine analog and digital opportunities


    The company¬†Longshine showed a prototype of ” smart ” watches, the main feature of which is that they can be both analog and digital. The official name of the German novelty, reminiscent of a traditional clock with round dial, sounds like Halo.

    When you press a special button, the traditional dial illuminates the digital display. This was made possible through the use of a translucent screen OLED, installed on top of the traditional dial. On the digital display, you can see the calls, messages and notifications coming from the paired of Android-smartphone. Clock controlled modified OS Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but their hardware is based on a chip Intel XMM 2231.

    Among the other technical characteristics mentioned Longshine Halo 4 GB of internal flash memory and 512 MB of RAM. Resolution of a digital display with 256K colors is 96×96 pixels. Longshine still continues to work on their smart clock, so some of the features and functions can still change. Not yet reported, when the novelty can get to the market.

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