“Smart” Outlet Newbeem will control your lighting

“Smart” Outlet Newbeem will control your lighting



    Canadian startup Newbeem developed a “smart” socket that allows you to use mobile applications to solve problems that were previously performed dimmers, power strips and electrical timers.

    This is a simple device that is inserted into a conventional electrical outlet and is used for the protection and management of various electric light fixtures. Any such device that is connected to this, controlled via WiFi, the device can be switched on / off by timer or change smoothly illumination using a mobile application Newbeem. In this case, the device has two more conventional outlet (see. Photo)

    “Smart” socket Newbeem can work with any device using any lamp power up to 200 watts: incandescent, fluorescent, energy saving and LED. Newbeem also protects the lighting of the problems associated with the broken wire or a lightning strike. If the outlet detects a sudden increase of energy, it will automatically protect all the devices connected to it from overload.

    This application allows you to control lighting Newbeem from any location, in addition, it allows the user to monitor the energy consumption associated with lighting, as well as to reduce this figure by reducing the amount of light or turn it off at a pre-specified conditions.

    The company is currently trying to get funding for the project on Kickstarter, and the first delivery is scheduled to begin in October 2014.

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