“Smart” hub SmartThings befriended with Windows Phone

“Smart” hub SmartThings befriended with Windows Phone


    Modern home automation systems, for the most part, can interact with a smartphone or tablet – Mobile devices are used for controlling and obtaining various notifications.

    Alas, the manufacturers usually provide support only two platforms – Android and iOS. Fortunately, there are exceptions: in particular, we are talking about the creators SmartThings, which recently announced a mobile app for Windows Phone 8.

    According to the new software functionality is not different from the versions for other platforms.

    Nevertheless, we can not exclude the possibility that in the future the authors will follow the path Insteon and add application support voice assistant Cortana.


    Recall that represents SmartThings ” smart ” hub that supports a variety of devices for automation and home security.

    The gadget is compatible with its own set of sensors, as well as with third-party solutions – sockets, dimmers, door locks and other equipment.

    Recently SmartThings is under the wing of Samsung.

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