Slot machine on wheels (video)

Slot machine on wheels (video)


    Игровой автомат на колёсах (видео)
    Radio with larger screens and monitors in car interiors few people are surprised, but a gaming machine mounted on a wheeled base and able to move – this is something new. That is the idea of ​​developing a researcher named Garnet Hertz.

    His imagination has gone beyond the usual modding and inventor tries to create a vehicle with elements of augmented reality. Arcade game machine, which is the basis of the device was created for the game OutRun – racing simulator with a rather primitive graphics today.

    Nevertheless, Mr. Hertz interface develops his car with such visual design. Since the view of the road before the driver is completely closed with the screen, the image capture occurs using two cameras and then converted respectively graphic style and becomes part of the game. Such a concept looks at least interesting, but its implementation is still far from complete.

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