Sibridge Technologies unveils new format for the network IoT

Sibridge Technologies unveils new format for the network IoT


    Staff Sibridge Technologies demonstrated a prototype of public wireless sensor-based proprietary. Target industries this decision – ” Internet of Things ” and various automation systems. Key Benefits – low cost, modest power and the flexibility to customize the hardware component.


    Demonstrated the network has a mesh topology, which allows the sensors to communicate directly or indirectly through intermediate nodes. Data is transmitted gateway that connects an external network structure.

    Communication protocol being used can vary: depending on the hardware configuration, the sensors can communicate via Wi-Fi, Zigbee or Bluetooth LE. It should be noted that the network supports 6LoWPAN. A set of sensors used is implementation-dependent, with producers available interfaces I2C, UART and SPI.

    Analog sensors are connected to a four-ADC. Software component network – Android-application that works in conjunction with cloud data store.

    What will the experiments Sibridge Technologies – Time will tell.

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