ShutterEaze: horizontal shutters control via smartphone

ShutterEaze: horizontal shutters control via smartphone


    The site Kickstarter was presented another gadget for home automation – ShutterEaze. Newbie is a simple and effective solution to empower ordinary horizontal shutters a number of additional features.

    The gadget consists of two elements – motorized base, which is attached to the window frame and the clip is fixed to one of the movable wings. The components are connected together, with the result that the main module is able to control the position of the shutters.


    The creators offer several options for clips, for wings of different sizes. For the power of the main unit responsible kit AA batteries. For communication with external devices ShutterEaze protocol uses Bluetooth, but in the future the authors plan to release a Zigbee-version of its product.

    Controlled flaps as possible with the remote control, or by means of a mobile application for Android or iOS, and the user has the ability to set a schedule for your shutters. In the sale ShutterEaze not arrive earlier than May of the following year.

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