Shooting wild flowers

Shooting wild flowers


    Wild flowers – a classic object for photography. They are very good in the spring and summer months, so you have plenty of time to shoot.

    Flowers – a highlight of nature. They are incredible in the pictures, especially for macro photography and printing in large size. Flowers everywhere, and we meet in parks and gardens. Spring flowers in bloom the first year, and in the summer there comes a riot of flowering.

    Shooting wild flowers

    Shooting flowers in nature much more complicated than in the studio. We can not control the lighting and at the mercy of circumstances. Direct sunlight is always bad for this type of photography in the middle of the day, so you have to choose the time, the flowers were in the shade, or shade them on top of anything during shooting. Quite suitable reflectors illuminate shadows and reduce contrast. There are many devices for fixing reflectors. You can also use them to secure the foliage that’s stopping you.

    The most important factor when photographing wild flowers is the weather. Prevents us from not only the direct sunlight, but a big problem is the wind, and when you try to crop the image. He breaks your song and makes it very difficult to focus. Bad weather affects the form of flowers themselves, spoil the petals and leaves a lot of garbage everywhere. Much better in the pictures look just blooming flowers in calm weather.

    Shooting wild flowers 1

    If we talk about the art, it is best suited for such a shooting SLR cameras with long-macro lens. Moderate makroteleobektiv will allow you to shoot from a distance, without casting a shadow from the camera at the subject. Compact cameras are great makrovozmozhnosti, but they are equipped with wide-angle lenses, and you have to shoot at a very close distance. Beware, in this case the shadows and distortion due to wide-angle lenses.

    Initial set:

    • DSLR-camera with a macro lens or accessories for macro or compact camera with macro mode
    • Tripod
    • Reflectors and diffusers
    • Clips


    • Use the scissors and tweezers to clean colors if they were blades of grass or leaves. This is better than clean then pictures in Photoshop.
    • Color accuracy depends on the accuracy of the white balance. Shoot in RAW-format and use to set white balance gray card, then to specify the white balance during editing.
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