Shooting spiders in the morning

Shooting spiders in the morning


    Some people hate them, others find them interesting. In any case, long-lived nature of spiders and interesting object for shooting.

    Shooting spiders in the morning

    Web are very interesting objects to shoot. If you go early in the morning when the fog envelops all around, and dewdrops are on the web, creating a refined drawing, you can make a very beautiful picture. But if you are late, and the dew has dried, you can use a conventional spray you make the same pattern, but look, do not overdo it.

    Use the strands of the web, as a composite line. Place the spider under the rule of thirds, or even put it in the center to great effect. The use of long lens will allow you to detach the spider from the background due to the limited depth of field. A 105mm macro lens is most suitable for such a survey. Use the depth of field test to establish the best balance between sharpness and blur background spider.

    Shooting spiders in the morning 2

    Although this is not a fast-moving object, a tripod will help keep the camera steady. It may look strange compared to the hand-held shooting and increased sensitivity to light, but you need to preserve the image quality at low sensitivity.

    Required accessories:

    • DSLR-camera with a macro lens or accessory for macro photography.
    • Compact camera with a macro mode.
    • Tripod and a remote shutter release.
    • Sprinkler.


    • To get accustomed to the types of plants that can serve as a home for spiders.
    • Early in the morning the spiders have not enough time to dry and yet slow.
    • You will find the most beautiful specimens in the warmer spring and summer months.
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