Sharper, brighter, juicier: how to choose the perfect camera?

Sharper, brighter, juicier: how to choose the perfect camera?


    Whatever bright and amazing experience we did not get, sooner or later, and they fade. But both want to beautiful moments stay with us forever, especially returning the colors of life in those days when everything seems gray and dull.

    Even if your heart is not living artist, at the sight of the stunning scenery, or friends laughing in friendly company, you will want to save this picture, not only in my memory, but in a more tangible form. And then the hand itself will be pulled to the camera.

    To paint were juicy and crisp detail, you should choose a device that can capture everything in perfect quality. Over the past few years, the reputation of a device capable to please us with this opportunity, firmly entrenched for a digital camera.

    Четче, ярче, сочнее: как выбрать идеальный фотоаппарат?

    Benefits of digital cameras

    Hardly anyone seriously imagine a holiday without, although would unpretentious “digicam” or feast, which will not resemble a long row of colorful shots.

    What are the advantages of modern photodevices offer us?

    • No, depending on the film! You no longer have to spend money on expensive photo tape, and can make as many frames as memory allows your camera. And in modern models, with their slots for memory cards of any size, the number of shots varies from a few hundred to a thousand, depending on what settings you set.
    • “No” to bad frames. You can retake again and again until you get the desired result, “playing” with the settings and instantly remove excess. And all thanks to the digital format of the received images.
    • The quality is beyond praise. Here, in fairness, it should be noted that in order to feel the difference in the quality of the film and digital “Soap” is worth at least a little to be able to photograph, choosing the right settings. But to learn it is not so difficult, especially as modern digital kit easy to set up and manage.
    • The wealth of settings. Indeed, the range of customizable subtleties and possible modes of operation in modern digicam is huge. Here and white balance, and sharpness, and contrast, and many other factors affecting the image quality. And for those who do not like to “dig” in the settings, there is “auto” mode))

    This is not a complete list of benefits that modern amateur photographer makes a good digital camera.

    However, before succumb to the charm Advertising and run the shops in search of fashionable gadget worth carefully weigh not only “pluses”, but also “cons” of the achievements of modern technology.

    Disadvantages of digital cameras

    • The main disadvantage of digital cameras of all technical innovations has always been high cost and “digicam” was no exception. No matter how hard the producers to cover all types of target audience, releasing budget cameras, this kind of technology is still higher than the price Membrane counterparts.
    • Delay when pressed. Most vehicles, even luxury, pauses before a picture. Basically, if you’re shooting a stationary object or a beautiful landscape, it will not be a problem. Let yourself delays. But if you want to “catch in the lens” something moving, you have a lot of “pokoldovat” with the settings to minimize this unpleasant effect. By the way, in some models present regime “sport” by which you can take pictures even moving “sports” objects without delay.
    • Fragility of  design. Of course, among the modern fotodevaysov caught and such that do not sink in water, shock, and can not be not afraid of dirt. But these “bells and whistles” are so many that it is easier to buy a case of force majeure, the new device of conventional design, rather than wait until paid for itself “armored” digicam.
    • Auto Mode does not teach you to shoot. What did not know how some modern fotodevaysy – and you will set the white balance, and sharpness will induce, and except for the button itself will push you do not. And you increasingly lazy, relying on the built talents steep “optics”. That’s just your own talents and photographer remain unsolved, conceding to “fotoperedovuyu” only the most nelenivyh, feel free to mess around with manual settings.

    With such minuses here trendy digital devices have to face most beginners, as well as many professional photographers. Whether they should be regarded as a serious reason to abandon modern technology – the big question. All the same, there is no viable alternative to a digital camera, and therefore may be easier to close your eyes to some imperfection of this wonderful technology.

    How it all began

    Let’s back a little flick through the pages in our photo album. Recall how to begin this fascinating story.

    As few as 15 years ago, the camera was not a “traveler’s best friend”, and serious luxury. To take a picture, you had to have special skills, and because of this procedure exclusively invited professionals.
    And the appearance of the “ancestors” of our favorite digital cameras and say nothing. Such a complex and cumbersome device could not be hidden in a purse or carry in their hands all day.

    Over time, the camera is getting smaller, and in the second half of the last century Compact Membrane “Soap” took their place in the hearts amateur photographers. It seemed to shake their position can not afford anyone.But in its quest to digitize all and all mankind still got to pictures. And so, in 1981, the innovators of the Sony launched the process of digitizing “full”, firing chamber MAVICA. She was not yet a full-fledged digital camera, but it paved the way for more advanced models.

    And follow appeared Dycam Model 1, she Logitech FotoMan FM-1. This camera has a modest performance, in particular, using storage snapshots legendary 3.5-inch floppy disk.

    Первый полноценный «цифровик» Dycam Model 1

    But still it was a real breakthrough in the field of digital cameras, demand, despite the considerable cost – around $ 1,000.

    Nikon, Canon and Sony have intercepted Asahi digital baton, to start production of electronic cameras and camcorders format. But whatever their yourselfers may try to enable progress, only the creation of a standard CompactFlash company SanDisc, enabled mass produced digicam for ordinary users.

    SanDisc вывела рынок цифровых фотоаппаратов из застоя

    Since then, the manufacturers do not tire to delight us with new products in this field, making a digital camera in the magic wand capable of at least partially “capture the perfect moment.”

    What your Digital camera can?

    Let us still consider what the same functions and parameters must have a modern digital camera.

    The points on the matrix

    One of the most prominent characteristics of the digicam was the number of points on the matrix used to them, it is the same – the famous megapixels.

    And this is not the case that “more” means “better”, despite what the marketers.

    Determine the number of pixels, ask yourself what you intend to do with the future of photo archive. If print – then it all depends on what size will photograph.

    If you omit the technical difficulties, then the popular photo size of 10 to 15 will approach you with a matrix camera of 2.2 megapixel. But if you want more, that is, 13 to 18 inches, then choose not less than 3.5 M, which means 1600 * 2200 pixels on the sensor.

    However, the pixels are still biased parameter. On the one hand, more of them will help to mask the defects of the matrix, reducing the large image to the required standard, and thus hiding the details.

    However, manufacturers often tricky, and, speaking of 10Mp have in mind is not the usual image size, and the one that is obtained after the digital “pull” the photo. But you can stretch the image yourself on a computer, the camera you are unnecessarily. So the quality of the matrix here is much more important number of pixels.

    If you still want to get the combination of “respectable” megapixels with great matrix, be prepared to pay a premium for high-quality “DSLR”.

    Among the novelties of this year that can boast of such parameters, it is worth noting “flagship” from Sony, and do not get tired to push digital progress forward. Her Alpha SLT-A99 has become one of the most advanced photo devices over the last year.


    More on optics

    Optics – parameter often misleading newbies. Her features look impressive, but in reality, all these “bells and whistles” have value only if you know how to use them professionally.

    This optics is the most expensive part of your digital camera. In fact, only through the lens “SLR” shoots better than usual fotodevaysa. If you are not going to use interchangeable lenses, and then pay for this “bloat” is not necessary, and you can safely purchase a conventional camera. It’s no use, together with the “SLR” interchangeable lenses, you do not get access to its benefits.

    Among SLR cameras have appeared on the market in 2014, it is worth noting EOS 6D from the company Canon, does not require a separate submission. In particular, the surprising thing was that advanced functionality and professional settings, it combines with a reasonable price.

    Зеркалка-передовик EOS 6D от инноватора в области цифрового изображения Canon


    This option is always on the ear, but not all are properly versed in it.

    In fact, zoom – the difference between the maximum value of the focal distance and minimum. And for the value here is not worth chasing. After all, if the second parameter is too large, then you simply can not remove large objects near – they do not vlezut the frame.

    This increase is of two types – optical and digital. And the second type you should not be interested in principle. It simply means that the camera can stretch the already acquired image software methods that you can do yourself and later on the computer.

    But optical zoom – this is the option that deserves attention, as it explains the ability to increase of the optics, by changing the focal length of the lens. With this approximation, the quality of the photos are not of the future will be lost in principle.

    Among fotonovinok 2014, having quality optical zoom, professionals emit DSC-HX50V already distinguished himself from previous manufacturer Sony. It is equipped with a 30-fold increase in the “right” of the optical type, and it is one of the best performance among the “graduates” of the year.

    Новинка фирмы Sony – DSC-HX50V с 30-кратным оптическим увеличением

    That’s a brief overview of the popular contemporary looks devaysa called “digital camera.” Every day, these devices are becoming more a necessity, giving us a terrific opportunity to forever capture the defining moments of our lives.

    A variety of modern digital cameras is huge, but we hope that our article will help you determine the features and find your model Sci.

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