Sharp develops energy-efficient displays for wearable gadgets

Sharp develops energy-efficient displays for wearable gadgets


    One of the main shortcomings of contemporary smart watches is their low running time. Thus, the model with the most interesting features and functions are able to work away from an outlet for only 1-2 days.

    To fight this problem started the company Sharp, which, as many have already guessed, try to find a solution by using energy-efficient displays.

    As the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Sharp has been working on the creation of liquid crystal panels for portable gadgets that will be characterized by extremely low power consumption. To date, Sharp already has a prototype diagonal is 1 inch.

    The assurances of the source, the prototype uses a 1 000 times less energy than traditional mobile displays.

    The mass production of these panels is scheduled for spring 2015. The secret of their low energy consumption lies in the fact that they are devoid of illumination, as well as using a semiconductor memory.

    Illumination will be realized through the natural light sources: applied inside the pixels reflecting layers that can illuminate what is displayed. Accordingly, in this lies the main negative development – apply such displays in low light conditions will not be as practical.

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