Share of Windows 8.1 began to grow rapidly

Share of Windows 8.1 began to grow rapidly


    Good news for Microsoft. Corporation of Redmond tried to increase the market share of Windows 8.1 more years. It seems that efforts to promote the OS gave the first fruit.

    Доля Windows 8.1 начала быстро расти

    Yes, the developers have not always acted honestly. For example – discontinued support for older, but still favorite platforms.

    Nevertheless – the method worked. The demand of the above operating systems began to grow rapidly.

    As it became known? Relevant statistics from the Media Share Net Applications, which tracks how visitors use the popular software on the internet site.

    Доля Windows 8.1 начала быстро расти

    If we believe the provision of reports, in October, the number of personal computers with Windows 8.1 has increased significantly. With not the most impressive “September” 6.67% to 10.9%.

    What is curious: the usual “eight” is not updated to the version under discussion, also improved the performance – from 5.59% to 5.88%.

    But even together they can not challenge the record of Windows 7, add the last 30 days 0.34% and still get to the bar in 53.05%.

    Доля Windows 8.1 начала быстро расти

    How are things at the “cult” XP? She – to sadness fans – continues to lose ground. Its share shrank from 23.9% to 17.18%.

    Yet another curious. How successful is the fate of Windows 10, which was announced a few weeks ago? Will it be a worthy successor to “Seven” (due to a greater focus on the Desktop)?

    A year later, we’ll learn.

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