Sckipio first showed in the 16-port chipset FTTdp DPU

Sckipio first showed in the 16-port chipset FTTdp DPU


    On passing event in Amsterdam Broadband World Forum Sckipio Technologies company first showed in the chipset, allowing connection at speeds up to 700 Mbit / s from ports 16. According to the manufacturer, this demonstration provides insight into the potential in real problems for the delivery of ultra-wideband signal from the optical fiber line within the existing copper wiring (FTTdp, fiber to the distribution point).

    The composition of the demonstration plant went 16-port unit DPU (distribution point unit) DP3016-EVM with built-vectorization, connected by a 50-meter connection of elements with 16 client devices. Note that the DP3016-EVM – an example of using, suggested by the manufacturer.

    Sckipio впервые показала в работе 16-портовый чипсет FTTdp DPU

    According Sckipio, this is only the beginning. In the future, the manufacturer expects to increase the speed and range.

    Collaborating with Sckipio of Lantiq, VTech, XAVi Zinwell and brought to the Broadband World Forum Equipment “last mile”: blocks DPU, for residential gateways, bridges.

    Source: Sckipio

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