Samsung reveals new 34 inch curved monitor

Samsung reveals new 34 inch curved monitor


    34 inch curved monitor SE790C Samsung

    This week, Samsung announced a 34 inch curved monitor, the 34 inch curved monitor SE790C. Along with the monitor come assurances that the curved monitor provides a wide viewing angle and maximum comfort. The new novelty has a diagonal of 34 inches, an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a 3440×1440 pixel resolution dubbed ULTRA-WQHD. The monitors specifications, according to the company, should interest the most demanding gamers since the monitor was created especially for multimedia entertainment.

    According to Samsung, “The monitor’s optimal curved design creates a high 3D-like effect ratio that makes the screen seem larger than a flat screen of the same size.” Contrast and brightness values ​​meet modern standards of monitors: 3000: 1 and 300 cd / m2, respectively. And while the new curved monitor has all of the sRGB color range, it uses a VA (vertical alignment) panel instead of the more vivid IPS (in-plane switching). Alas, the most important characteristic, the price of the device, has not yet been released by Samsung representatives.

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