Safari in the city: Laurent Geslin – wildlife photographer

Safari in the city: Laurent Geslin – wildlife photographer


    Laurent Geslin first became interested in photography while studying art history. Then he worked for several years worked as a guide, showing tourists the wild animals, and began a professional photographer specializing in photographing wildlife. His photographs have been published in many newspapers, books and magazines, including BBC Wildlife and National Geographic.

    Safari in the city

    How do you get started as a photographer of wildlife?

    I worked as a guide, first in France, then in Namibia and South Africa, and then, of course, has got the camera and started shooting nature.

    Do you have focused on urban animals?

    I have worked everywhere in Australia, Brazil, India, often in Africa. Urban Safari – it’s part of my job when I’m at home.

    What special equipment do I need?

    I have been using a set of discrete lenses from 14 mm to 500 mm, as well as wide-angle zoom lenses. I also apply the flash and infrared remote trigger device and a lot of other devices, as well as up to three different cameras.

    Safari in the city 2

    You spent a lot of nights on the “hunt”? You in your work you need a lot of patience?

    Wild animals are mostly nocturnal, they wake up in the late afternoon and go to bed early in the morning, and you need to adapt to this. Sometimes you have to spend in wait up to 18 hours to make a single frame, or do nothing. Yes, indeed, you must have a lot of patience to shoot the animals.

    Does photographing animals in the manner of shooting other subjects?

    First, I shot a lot of portraits, shot for the press and fashion. Gradually, I came away from that, but the experience of shooting in other photos in handy when taking pictures of animals. I do not think that there is need for something else. Whatever the form of photos, you may work, learned the rules of composition and technical skills you will help out at a critical moment.

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    What has been your best experience with wildlife?

    I love being outdoors, seeing no one, chasing a herd of elephants or chasing leopards. This kind of places are very rare now, but I was lucky to live in South Africa, and this time in my memory. I also like to shoot urban wildlife. Watch Peregrine Falcon in Barcelona or pursue the fox in London, while the city sleeps. It’s pretty cool.

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